Jeffrey Kipnis, “The Cunning of Cosmetics,” El Croquis 60 + 84, Herzog and De Meuron, 1981-2000 (Madrid: El Croquis, 2000) 404-411. 1-      Begin by the listing name of the author and the title of article. Also include your name, the course name, and the semester. 2-      Write in full sentences, not bullet points.  3-      Answer the questions provided but do not reprint the questions on your response.  4-      Use the author’s full name the first time you introduce them in the text. After that use their last name. So first would be Amanda Lawrence, and then Lawrence. Never first names—“According to Amanda,” or “Amanda argues.” 5-      Answer the questions provided. No sweeping introductions about the state of architecture or art or the world. Be specific. Stay focused on the text. A reminder that a response paper is not the place for an expression of one’s personal liking or disliking of the readings. 6-      Make SURE that clarify whether it is your idea or the author’s—for the reading response it should mostly be the latter. So rather than “Herzog and DeMeuron’s architecture is cosmetic’” you would say “According to Kipnis, Herzog and DeMeuron’s architecture is cosmetic.'” 7-      Use short quotes to make your point. Try to isolate phrases that seem most pertinent. I will be looking for those key terms that appear in the text, that illustrate the main argument.  8-      When you include short phrases from the text you should quote them and put the page number in parentheses after. Do not include footnotes.