Instructions and rubric attached below. This is basically a paper about the Deaf community and the different aspects of shared communication between the teller, the audience, and how it’s evolved. 3 pages minimum not including reference nor cover page.2 attachmentsSlide 1 of 2

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Each student will write a research paper with a minimum of 750 words (approx. three pages) in APA format. Maximum 1000 words (not including cover/reference pages) Please use a minimum of 4 reference sources. Do not cite Wikipedia or similar websites. Instead use the citations within those pages. If a citation does not exist for the information then it is suspect and should not be used. Direct quotes must always be cited. Paraphrasing from another author’s work must also be cited. NO ABSTRACT REQUIRED. Paper will be graded on the General Education Scoring Guide for Writing which covers: • Knowledge of Writing Conventions • Clarity and Coherence • Rhetorical Choices Topic: In Module 1:Unit 1, we learned about the Face-to-Face Tradition. In this tradition, we find three important elements: The Teller, the Tale, and the Audience. 

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