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Rocket Fuel is an analytics-based agency with a vision of transforming the digital advertising industry through big data and artificial intelligence. They ran a trial advertising trial campaign for a newly released handbag model for TaskaBella Inc., a manufacturer of women’s luxury accessories. Rocket Fuel is meeting with the client to discuss the campaign and to present evidence that the return on investment (ROI) was strongly positive.

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For the exclusive use of j. he, 2021. B5894 Date: July 1, 2017 ZSOLT KATONA BRIAN BELL Rocket Fuel: Measuring the Effectiveness of Online Advertising1 “Experiment and learn —the secret of successful advertising for humans and computers alike.” —C LARA D EMIDENKO , R OCKET F UEL It was a typical foggy morning in the San Francisco Bay Area in February 2016 as the low clouds that had been pushed in by the sea breeze the previous night were slowly starting to burn off. Tensions were running high in Rocket Fuel’s Redwood City headquarters as Clara Demidenko, a technical account manager, and her team were putting the final touches on a presentation for an all-important client meeting. The client’s representatives from TaskaBella Inc., a manufacturer of women’s luxury accessories, were already late as their morning flight into nearby SFO

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