General description:

The building’s circulation is like a series of narrow vertical streets. The set of organized forms as small neighborhoods is made up of his transformations along each path. Each of the nine districts of equivalent or housing is marked and distinguished from the others from the outside. The modulation and location of the voids, as well as materials, texture, and colour, are all affected when various combinations are used of the fences of different facade.

The high-rise housing project, designed by Dutch architects MVRDV in partnership with architect Lleó Blanca from Madrid, aims to break the excessive uniformity of the planned route for the planning, which is found in almost all residential plots.Mirador is a vertically stacked series of mini-neighborhoods centered on a semi-public sky-plaza. The structure serves as a contrast to the surrounding housing blocks’ massive uniformity. A huge ‘look out’ situated 40 meters above the ground frames the distant view of the Guadarrama Mountains. For the residents of the building, this also includes outdoor space and a community garden. And building, monumentalizing public life and space. Two plots of land in PAU de Sanchinarro, one of Madrid’s new cities, are slated for development as a potential “escape” from the uniformity and claustrophobia of a neighborhood dominated by 6-story blocks.

The proposal brings domestic architecture into contact with the new city’s climate and its environs. With a direct lift link from the plaza surrounding the building, the semi-public sky plaza is easily available. This elevated public area is surrounded by various neighborhoods, which include a diverse range of compact housing types that cater to various social classes and lifestyles. organize useful information and resume it wisely. These housing units are clustered into small blocks that are stacked and glued together to create a towering neighborhood superblock, in comparison to the mass-produced repetition of the traditional family home.

The agglomeration of typologies that are structured like small suburbs agglomerates their transformation along each itinerary. It leads to a series of stairwells, halls, platforms, andstreets that run vertically. It establishes a vertical community. It establishes itself as the neighborhood’s focal point. Allowing for the construction of this structure can be viewed as a genuine and truthful expression of Spanish self-criticism, which is a commendable character trait. It may be a basic one, particularly for a culture that aspires to be accessible, vibrant, and cosmopolitan.

In the facade the different colors are coded for different uses, for example red is used for the corridors.            

The final shape of a tree is the product of external environmental inputs influencing the variables that control its internal biological algorithm under normal circumstances. Weather patterns, soil conditions, and other factors all influence a tree’s health, height, and shape. However, this system’s ability to be physically manipulated by humans in order to shape desired geometries has been Tribal peoples in North Eastern India have successfully used it to build bridges that link their communities

The building’s most significant aspect is the incredible gap in its form. The neighborhood uses the void as a gathering spot and a playground. Since Mirador is one of the highest buildings in the region, the views across to the Guadarrama Mountains are spectacular. Residents will meet in the shared high-rise patios, which provide views of the city and mountains as well as natural ventilation in the summer. The communal area is connected to the private outdoor areas by opening the front doors.

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