Science versus Religion was witnessed to be one of the Monkey trials in the State of South America against John Scopes in the year 1925. The reason for this trail was because John Scopes who was a high school biology teacher trying to advance the culture illegally taught the theory of evolution.[1] However, Professor Douglas says that this trail introduced many arguments between Science and Religion.

Science versus Religion

            Professor Douglas in his literature pointed out some arguments that were within the courtroom. He says that these arguments were caused by the law that was passed out in a small town found in Dayton within Tennessee. In his literature, he pointed out Ginger who claimed that this City was having religious people who were evidenced carrying commands that encouraged them to read their Bibles.[2] Admittedly, this was because the South and Midwest Americans had already felt better in religious beliefs because it helped them to be safe in case of any change. Additionally, Scopes also claims that the rural South and Midwest Americans had to turn back to their faith since that was where they felt comfortable and stable. Undeniably, this was because the town people wanted to remain following what they knew and understood. Alternatively, the Dayton people did not have any desire to keep on moving forward with the other roaring twenties.[3]

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