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PROJECTILE MOTION REPORT STRUCTURE AND REQUIREMENTS 1. Introduction • Define projectile motion. • Examples of projectile motion. 2. Theory • Write and describe the basic kinematics equations and assumptions used for calculation of the main parameters of projectile motion. • Basic kinematics equations: horizontal and vertical positions as a function of time, vertical velocity as a function of time, vertical velocity as a function of position • Define initial velocity, initial position, gravitational acceleration and range. • Separate projectile motion into horizontal and vertical components. • Equations should be written using Math Equation Editor. 3. Solve problems a. A ball thrown horizontally from the top of a building 55m high strikes the ground at a point 35m from the building. What is the (a) time to reach the ground, (b) the initial speed of the ball, and (c) the velocity by which the ball will strike the ground? b. The catapult is used to launch a ball at angle θ = 40°. Determine the initial speed of the ball (speed of release) if range of the ball is 20 ft.; initial position of the ball is: x0=0, y0=15 in. 4. Data Analysis and Kinematics Calculations During an experiment, we are firing a projectile from the spring-loaded gun at an angle of θ = 35o with the initial speed v0=12 m/s. Initial position of the projectile: x 0 = 0 and y 0 = 0.5 m; gravitational acceleration g = 9.81 m/s2. Travel time of the projectile is 1.4 seconds. Applying basic kinematic equations of the projectile motion and time increment t = 0.05 sec., tabulate data and plot graph: vertical position ‘y’ versus range ‘x’. Use Microsoft Excel “Line” chart. 5. Graphs should have properly labeled axes with correctly abbreviated units. Each graph should be titled and numbered 6. Tables must have column headings which include variable identification, symbol, and units. Tables should have a title and column heads should be in bold type. 7. Format Requirements: Report should be typewritten in 10 – 12 pt Arial, single spaced on one side, only using standard 8-1/2 by 11 inch paper. 8. Bibliography The bibliography must include websites and all other materials that you’ve used for your report.
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