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Updated July 2017 UTA Pfeiffer SCIE-3306 HW Unit 5 Do some research using reputable sources which have named authors or editors. These would be primary and secondary sources. The question you need to answer: How much energy is needed to grow a particular plant food crop and how does this compare to the energy (calories) contained within that fruit, vegetable or other plant part which is eaten. 1) Pick a particular item: e.g. a typical carrot, apple, head of wheat, any plant based food item. 2) Find information on its caloric content: How much energy is contained in a typical carrot, or artichoke or apple or head of wheat grains in Calories? 3) Find information on the amount of energy needed for it to grow on its own without human intervention. This would be primarily a measurement of light needed to power photosynthesis. 4) Find out how much energy is used in industrial agricultural settings to grow that plant or plant part. Consider the energy used in irrigation, fertilizing, pest control, planting and harvesting, shipping. These will necessarily be estimates. The information can be found directly, deduced from information on something similar or estimated using reasonable assumptions. Submit your answer following the order 1-4 above and provide links or citations for the material you use to answer the questions. Please try to convert all energy measurements to the same common form like joules or calories. Here is a good example of a resource:

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