Throughout the semester, we have discussed quackery, dubious practices, health care services, and products that consumers of health products and services should approach with caution and critical thinking. As we progressed through each module, we addressed the basic principles to consumer health products, services and issues.

For this Module’s Activity, prepare an essay of 3-5 pages, APA formatted,  identifying and defining at least 2 dubious (questionable) consumer health products or services which have been marketed towards potential consumers. The choice of the 2 consumer health products or services is your decision to make – an area or two separate areas of consumer health that interest(s) you.

Be sure to address at a minimum: a) specific claims made about the health product or health service; b) the health function of the product or service; c) Who is the target population, and why might they be vulnerable; and d) any hazards or dangers associated with the health product or service. You may choose any consumer health product or service mentioned in the textbook, the module readings or videos, or any research you have found as a result of exploring consumer health products or services related to the material presented in this course.

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