1. Please watch this National Geographic Video to introduce you to the concepts for this assignment.
  2. Please review the Southern Environmental Law Center web page and view issues related to the environment in the Southeastern United States. You’ll notice you can view by the issues (in the blocks on the main page) or you can click on the “Our States” link on that main homepage and find issues related to a specific state, including Georgia.
  3. Using this website, investigate current environmental issues affecting the Southeastern United States. After previewing the website, choose one environmental issue affecting the Southeastern United States as the focus of your Environmental Issues Activity. Use the questions below (#5) to organize your written response. 
  4. In your narrative, please use the questions below to guide your research, create your narratives and complete your Environmental Activities Issues.  You should address all of the following questions:
    • Please describe the topic that you chose for your assignment and explain why you chose that particular topic.
    • Why is this an important environmental topic? Who/what/where is affected by this issue?
    • What can be done to lessen the impact or begin to remediate your environmental issue?activity 2

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