INSTRUCTIONS: For Writing Assignment #2, follow the directions below. This should result in an essay of at least 1000 words, properly organized and cited.  Please refer to the Announcements and Handouts pertaining to academic writing for suggestions on content and organization of Art Historical writing. (Remember that “minimum” length in my classes is the equivalent of “average”, which receives an average grade.)  Please be sure to include images of the two objects you are discussing, as well as citations and bibliography.

TOPIC: Design and Technique in Early Medieval Art, Islamic, and Carolingian/Ottonian Art

Summarize the information you compiled for your Discussion post about media, technique, and function of your selected object (do not simply re-copy it! Reprhase, and summarize!) in two to three paragraphs (between 400 – 500 words on average; it could be longer).

Then, taking all you have learned in this Unit, and taking into consideration what your colleagues wrote in their discussion posts (what I wrote in response to you as well!), speculate on the meaning of the object, specifically focusing on the design and technique. (“meaning” here = message the object carries, be it religious, political, economic, or social. You may need to speculate on this part.That’s fine!). But thoroughly explain how the design and technique contribute to the message of the object. (between 500 – 750 words on average, or more)

Finally, find a Contemporary work in the same media and compare the two objects in relationship to technique, function, and meaning.  Specifically, address at least the similarities in medieval and contemporary techniques and fully develop the differences (if there are any) in meaning.  If you see no differences, then explain how and why the meanings are similar (also fully developed). (between 400 – 500 words on average).

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