Art Essay Paper

2 D Design Art 115 Design Artist Research Paper You are to write a paper about a Design artist Review the artists suggested and select one. You must have selected an artist before we attend the library resource training. One artist 2D Design ART-115 You are to do a bit of research and decide who you would like to write about. Then go to the Discussions for our class on elearning and post this name. Review your class mates selections as only one person per each artist. ALFRED JENSEN FRANK STELLA RICHARD SERRA MARK BRADFORD RICHARD PETTIBONE HANS HOFMANN JAMES SIENA TAKASHI MURAKAMI MARK GROTJAHN VIJA CELMIN’S SEAN SCULLY SOL LEWITT MARK ROTHKO ROBERT MANGOLD KAWS EL ANATSUI KELTIE FERRIS ANSHELM KIEFER ELLSWORTH KELLY DONALD JUDD ROBERT MANGOLD DANIEL BUREN KENNETH NOLAND STEPHEN ELLIS BRICE MARDEN 2D Design Artist Research Paper ART115 JUAN USLE KENNETH PRICE DUE DATES paper assigned 9-3-21 10-29-21 ________Final paper is due at midterm 9-15-21 ________Artist selection due 9-22-21 ________Bibliography due 10-6-21_________Thesis due 10-20-21________Outline due 10-20-21 ________ Research paper quiz 10-27-21_________Paper due PAPER REQUIREMENTS 2-4 page written body of paper, (Paper packet total: 5 pages minimum. – 7 Pages in packet Maximum total) Chicago style, Double spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt Page 1 – Title Page, Page 2 – (3-5) Body of paper, 2nd to last page 4-(5)- Image page, Last page – Bibliography. ( Works Cited) Title page (Center of page) Your name Title of paper Class (Art Experience, Art 105 (section) Date (Due) My name (Mrs. Aldrich) Images page Minimum of 2 photos labeled. You may include more. However *images must be referenced in your paper as (Image #1) (Image#2). Bibliography = Works Cited Page (Chicago style example) BIBLIOGRAPHY 2D Design Artist Research Paper ART115 Bacon. Of Beauty. The Aldine, Vol. 5, No. 5 (May, 1872), p. 107. Stable URL: Beckley, Bill and Shapiro, David, Eds. Uncontrollable Beauty: Toward a New Aesthetic. Allworth Press, 2001. Buszek, Maria Ellen. Extra/ordinary: Craft and Contemporary Art. Duke University Press. Durham & London. 2011. Coomaraswamy, Amanda. That Beauty Is a State. The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs. The Burlington Magazine Publications: Vol. 27, No. 145 (Apr., 1915), pp. 7-9+12-14 The New Museum. Exhibitions. “Wabi and Sabi: the Aesthetics of Solitude – Articles – House of Solitude – Hermitary.” Hermitary – the hermit, hermits, eremitism, solitude, silence, and simplicity. N.p. Web. 28 July 2012.

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