The fashion industry is a globalized segment that works to meet the demand for clothing and directs inclinations on what should be worn. The fashion industry has a huge impact on the environment and sustainability is becoming largely significant to both the companies and the consumers of fashion merchandise. A continuously growing number of poeple are rethinking their role as consumer, they want to make decisions about their purchases with a full understanding of the brand’s value and supply chain because of media transparency and some other reasons. Therefore many fashion brands are trying to claim that they are building a new aesthetic of ethics or changing consumer pattern toward the sustainable by fashion branding. However are these initiatives really “eco-responsible” or it is just for their own economic growth?

This essay examines how fashion industry uses fashion branding to portray themselves as sustainable and ethical brands. It also analyses sustainability and ethis in fashion, and its history. This study also uses textual analysis to assess the fashion industry and facilitate the contextualization of two case studies; Noah NYC and Inditex. The paper also uses primary sources to provide more information on the case study subjects; the first one is a questionnaire with my former colleague who works at Inditex and some photos I took while I was working in Inditex. The second is the screenshot of fashion brand Noah NYC online website.

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