To complete this assignment follow these steps:
A. In your own words* provide an explanation of the stylistic characteristics
associated with each of the following artistic movements (there are
several key characteristics for each; you are expected to reference them
i. Rococo
ii. Italian Renaissance
iii. Flemish Painting (Northern Renaissance)
iv. Mannerism
v. Baroque

B. Once you have selected your five works of art from the Artstor Image
Group, you need to provide the following for each:
i. Artist’s Name (if listed as unknown, state unknown)
ii. Title of artwork (this should be italicized)
iii. Date of artwork (use artists’ birth/death dates if unavailable)
iv. Material(s)/Medium(s)
v. The detailed and descriptive paragraph that specifically demonstrates
how the stylistic characteristics are present in the selected work of
art (see demonstration below).
*Note – All explanations for the concepts associated with the terms and
stylistic characteristics associated with the artistic movements must be put
in your own words. Copied definitions or phrases from any source (this
includes the textbook) will be treated as plagiarism, which will result in a 0
for the entire assignment. SafeAssign will be used.

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