General Instructions on Discussions

BMGT 329: Human Resource Management


Posting Title

Please give a title to your original posting.  It will help people decide if you have a posting that they want to read. 

Avoid Attachments

It is best to post your comments using the text box provided within the D2L discussion.  That way your classmates can read your postings without having to access a document.  If your posting is within an attached document, then your classmates have to take one more step to view your comments, and they may be less likely to comment on your thoughts.

Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

The discussions are meant to have some academic rigor.  Therefore, I want to see postings that have proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

A discussion is not an email or a text message.  I do not want to see abbreviations, words all in small case letter, or words in all capitals (these sounds like shouting on line).  You will be expected to have good grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your postings.  Use standard English spelling and capitalization conventions.  Also, make use of paragraphs in your postings.  If you have many errors, it will affect your grade for the discussion.  Please check your responses before you post them.  While using an attachment is not recommended, using Word or some other word processing software to compose your posting is a good idea since you can check for spelling and grammar before copying and pasting the posting into D2L.

Thoughtful Analysis in Postings

Do not post something that could have been written without doing the reading for the week.  You should show how the topic in the discussion relates to some material in the readings, video, and /or audio as well as material from the assigned textbook chapter.  A quality posting will show thoughtful analysis of the topic and will provide comments that add to the discussion topic by raising thoughtprovoking questions or providing comments that make other students think about issues they may not have thought about otherwise.  You need to weave information from the readings (articles and textbook) into your original and response postings.

In responding to classmates, do not simply state that you agree or disagree with their postings or simply thank them for their comments.  Responses that merely state “I agree” are a nice “pat on the back” for your classmate, and they have a place in the discussion; however, those comments cannot be the sole basis for your response to a classmate’s posting.  Think about adding to the academic rigor of the conversation:  ask thoughtful questions; initiate further discussion; add information from your own knowledge, experience, and reading; or intelligently disagree.


The original posting in a discussion usually has a minimum length based on Times Roman 12-point font.  If you use Microsoft Word to compose your posting so that you can check for grammar, spelling, and the minimum length requirement, sometimes pasting the Word text into D2L creates some strange formatting changes (however, that is not always the case and it works just fine for some students).  A way around this is to copy your text from the Word document and paste it into the D2L discussion without any formatting.  You can paste without formatting by using the “right click” on the mouse and then selecting “paste as plain text” (or the option might show up as a clipboard icon with the letter “A” at the corner).


Always respond with courtesy.  Assume the information that is written is not meant to offend, and try to view it from that angle.

Please use the name of the person to whom you are addressing your response.  Also, please include your name at the end of your posting. 

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