Review the posts of your colleagues and identify three additional useful and valid articles for the topics published within the last three to five years. It is a better practice to utilize publications less than five years to ensure currency of your scholarly work.

Your resources are to be unique to the discussion and not used in other posted sources by your colleagues. This will assist you in building your resource list for the assignment in module 4 with a robust reference list.

Please ensure the publications are from credible sources such as professional healthcare journals, regulatory or accrediting agencies, or governmental publications. Avoid blogs or opinion posts on the internet as these may not be grounded in research or scholarly work. Wikipedia is not to be used for this activity.

For each article identified:

  1. Write a 3-4 sentence summary of the selected article
  2. Share why you find this article applicable to the objectives
  3. Include a reference in APA format below each summary

Initial posts are due by Friday of module 3.

Then reply to two peers with your thoughts on the articles shared. Also conduct a peer review of the APA reference and offer suggestions to noted opportunities in the format in your reply. Note we are following APA 7th edition format and the reference should look like the below:

Constantine-Castillo, C. (2022). Article title not in title case. Name of Journal

          Spelled out in Italics and no Abbreviations, 23(2), 34-43. https:theurlforyourarticle.

Replies to peers are due no later than Sunday so these are ready for use in the development of the module 4 assignment.

1.Tori Lukes posted


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This article will give understanding with respect to proposed rules for fetus removal(abortion) concerning the Affordable Healthcare Act. Early terminations are a colossal point in clinical consideration and society overall. Recalling this for the Affordable Healthcare Act caused a lot of isolated decisions in political districts similarly as clinical benefits. A ton of people didn’t completely accept that those early terminations ought to have been presented in the Affordable Healthcare Act were others suspected something. In this article it will analyze the proposition against early terminations in the Affordable medical services act. The reason I picked this article is because while discussing clinical consideration especially with government help, I like to show the different sides of the reach. The different sides should be inspected so individuals get a veritable comprehension on the central thing.

 Marketplace Plans: The Impact of Proposed Rules for Consumers, Insurers and Regulators. KFF.

At the point when medical care is being analyzed, Society in many cases fails to remember that medical services isn’t in every case truly. There is a great deal of Americans who manage mental, behavioral, and emotional well-being issues. This is an area of medical services that is neglected. It is critical to not disregard the emotional wellness area of medical services. Numerous Americans will most likely be unable to manage the cost of the right treatment for their disease. Remembering emotional well-being for Medicare is significant. This article is significant on the grounds that it tells you precisely what each arrangement has carried out to help the people who can’t manage the cost of medical care protection for emotional wellness.

Outpatient Mental Health Coverage. (2019).

The next article I choose is in regard to dental care. Medicare does not really cover anything. It covers incredibly essential methods. To the extent dental consideration goes it isn’t helpful except if you buy Plan C. which certain individuals will most likely be unable to manage. Plans An and B of dental protection can be bought while previously having an arrangement set up it simply adds additional assurance. The reason I picked this article is on the grounds that it gives genuine understanding on what Americans who don’t have dental medical coverage need to manage on the consistent schedule. It likewise covers the piece of this model where we are to talk about clinical consideration related to dental care.

Medicare and Dental Coverage: What You Should Know. (n.d.). WebMD. Retrieved January 27, 2022, from

2.Tara Sepe posted

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This article is about what insurance companies are obligated to do when it comes to personal injury claims. Insurance companies must abide by certain responsibilities and the policyholders should be able to rely on their insurance companies with no issues. If you were to file a claim against someone else’s insurance, the other person’s insurance company does not owe you any obligation. Insurance companies have an obligation to defend their clients in court as well. Lastly, if another person were to be a cause for your injury, however, they are uninsured, your insurance company has the obligation to pay for the damage.

This article is perfect for the objectives, especially the first one, which is “Interpret individual responsibility and changes for insurers especially as associated with Medicare, Medicaid, abortion, mental health, dental care, medical practice, and the economy.” The source explains to individuals who may not know what insurance companies are obligated to do when it comes to a certain situation, in this case, personal injury. It is associated with medical practice, because the person may need medical help when enduring a personal injury.


“What Are Insurance Companies’ Obligations in a Personal Injury Claim?” What Are Insurance Companies Obligated To Do In A Personal Injury Claim Comments, 26 Oct. 2021,

            Not only do health insurance companies have physical health coverage, some, but not all, have mental health coverage. Although some are covering for mental health, they are not doing it the way they should. Health insurance companies will often discriminate against individuals in need of mental health services and coverage, and it causes the person to have to wait a longer period of time for their service, travel a long distance just to receive help, and sometimes see someone who costs an incredible amount of money. There are also many strict qualifications an individual must qualify for, which makes it increasingly difficult for someone to receive the help they need when it comes to their mental health.

            This article relates to our first objective, particularly the mental health aspect of it. Parity laws have been put in place; however, they still do not guarantee insurance coverage. These laws require insurance to cover things such as mental health services and substance abuse. Mental health and insurance coverage is an incredibly flawed concept. Not many people know how detrimental this could possibly be to someone’s life, especially if they are unable to afford things such as counseling services.

“Health Insurers Still Don’t Adequately Cover Mental Health Treatment.” NAMI, 13 Mar. 2020,

            Interest rates in hospitals have significantly decreased ever since the passing of the Affordable Care Act. This has had a positive impact when it comes to the outcomes of the patients, medical equipment, and further research. The ACA has made hospitals’ fiscal health significantly better, especially in Medicaid expansion states. This has caused them to be more financially stable than states who do not have Medicaid expansion. If the ACA were to be repealed, this would have a negative, lingering effect on these hospitals.

            Lastly, this article is in relation to our second objective, which is, “Discuss the financial implications of the Affordable Care Act including tax changes, new penalties, spending cuts, and how they will impact the delivery of care and the US economy.” It explains how hospitals are affected by the ACA and Medicaid, and the hospitals who are in Medicaid expansion states receive more of a positive impact from the ACA than others who do not live in these states.

McGrail, Samantha. “Hospitals Saw Lower Interest Rates after Affordable Care Act.” RevCycleIntelligence, 23 Oct. 2019,

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