Artificial Intelligence Discussion


Now that we’ve read a bit about the philosophy of science as well as the mind-body problem, let’s bring them together on a current hot topic:  artificial intelligence.

There have been scores of movies and novels about how artificial intelligence (AI) is either going to save or destroy the world.  Lately, even the best chess grandmasters in the world cannot defeat the strongest computers (heck, I can’t even beat the chess program in my phone!).

So, in a two page essay, explore the topic of AI from the perspective of what we read during this unit.  How does some aspect of either the Philosophy of Science or the Philosophy of Mind interact with the reality of AI?

Please note:  do not explore ethical questions, like whether AI should be weaponized, or how transparent data and algorithms should be, and all that.  Stick to what we were reading about this unit.  

For instance, Descartes wrote, “I think, therefore I am.”  Well, Do machines think in such a way that they could make the same claim?

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