Prompts for the crit include: In your crit begin by responding to the overall concepts of the work you have been assigned. Then address the strengths and weakness of the concept and the execution. How well and creatively has it been made? Could the student have pushed the work further? How? Lastly address the written statement and the image documentation. Is the statement well written and not too didactic (literal). Is the work photographed with even light? Flynns crit of Leo’s works. (view Leo’s work first so that this makes sense) From Flynn Gonzalez to Everyone: (3:06 PM) All right, so the basis of this piece is the texture of the food being created, and in my opinion it is this (the texture) that stands out the most. I appreciate that the documentation of Leo’s piece allows for the smooth and rough textures to come through in a cohesive manner. I can confidently say that this is the best and strongest aspect of this composition. It does feel more like seven separate entities, with the exception of the two darkest, than one art piece, however. The span of the seven days are all on one paper, yes, but it doesn’t exactly feel that they are supposed to be. The black lines, while in theory can be nice, are a lead in this division of the piece, and I think that the removal of the black lines would be beneficial. Instead, I would recommend clean brush strokes depicting the end of different values. Speaking of values, the third value gives the idea that, despite the dots being objectively darker, it is lighter than the previous values. If the dots were closer together or more plentiful, filling in that white space, it would be more recognizable as a darker value. The statement is short and to the point! It gives a good amount of information and I enjoy the context! There are some grammatical errors, but that is easily fixed by a steady proofread. I would only add more information on the tools used and some clarity on what kinds of food were used as inspiration, and changing a few words around so it reads less like a school project. Y H* O posted 6 days ago (last edited 2 days ago) Brandon Faber The value 2.0 “Aegis” Greek gods have been notorious for messing with humankind, in the sense that nothing they ever really do is straightforward, and there’s always some underlying tone to their actions. With this piece, I took seven of the most notorious characters from Greek mythology, The coloration of the shield and each slice of it is in relation to how much of a sleazeball the mentioned god goddess is. The darkest are the most rude to mortals, while the whitest and brightest are the kindest. These, in turn, are Hera and Hestia, opposite ends of the entire spectrum. I just thought it’d be fun to do something a little out of the ordinary, like making a reinterpretation of Zeus’ shield, Aegis, with a less Zeus in the middle of everything like he usually is. aegis.pdf (3.185 MB) Reply Quote Email Author 3 s o po ro Food RECIPE so an value posted 6 days ago (last edited 1 day ago) Leo Ramirez Value through foods This art piece was made to represent what we define as value and texture. We were told we could use any type of canvas and do anything but it had to be based on randomness I decided to search up random food recipes on youtube for 7 days and found many recipes that I drew in through the textures the food produced, for example if it was a rough food or soft food I would make the texture hard or soft. I did this for 7 days straight with the final day being the darkest value and the first being the lightest. The materials I used was the long sheet of paper and both black and white paints to produce the value of light to dark, and a few pieces that would produce the needed textures for the specific food I chose, overall I chose food because I’ve been learning to cook for awhile and I might as well delve deeper into the textures of these food threw art. Reply

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