Create a 10-20 slide presentation with recorded audio that demonstrates how you would present and deliver your capstone project to your intended audience. Your presentation should be persuasive, use visual and graphical elements, and demonstrate professional speaking and presentation techniques. 

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Running head: ANNOTATED OUTLINE Annotated Outline Kimberly Bodiford Assessment 3 Annotated Outline Professor Cheryl Bann 18 February 2021 1 ANNOTATED OUTLINE 2 Executive Summary Organizational leadership plays a significant role in the productivity of a company to accommodate diversity. Administration refers to the overall managerial processes employed to ensure that the company achieves its long-term goals. Hulu TV lists among the companies in the entertainment industry that utilize technology to increase profitability. Hulu TV as a business has a set of ethical concerns and collaborative leadership tools that have played a role in the current status of the company. Ethical considerations refer to a group of rules and principles that guide the overall activities involved in a company. The principles are essential in ensuring that

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