Length: 500 words, plus two data tables

Due: After Unit 2


For this assignment, you need to collect some data and briefly describe your findings. The purpose of the assignment is twofold: 1) to highlight the fact that different demographics have different access to jobs; and 2) to highlight the importance of empirical data. In later assignments, you will develop arguments on various issues. Whatever the issues are and whichever theoretical approaches you will use to construct your arguments, they must have empirical support.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Data collection: Go to the Statistics Canada website and find data for the last five years available on:
    • Unemployment rates for 1) total labour force, 2) men, 3) women
    • Labour force participation rates for 1) total labour force, 2) men, 3) women
    Put all data on unemployment in one table, and data on labour force participation into another.Hint I: Gender isn’t the only factor that differentiates labour market access, it is also different depending on age, educational attainment, citizen status, and region. If you prefer looking at either of these factors instead of gender, let your tutor know in advance.Hint II: You must provide the links to your data sources in order to pass this assignment.
  2. Data description: Take a good look at your tables and describe your findings briefly (in 500 words) with regard to differences between different groups of workers, changes over time within each category, and changes in the differences between the different groups. In this assignment, you do not need to provide any explanations. It is entirely focused on the empirical picture.

Submit your research memo to your tutor for marking and feedback through this assignment drop box

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