For this assignment, there are three parts to complete. Don’t worry, you should find this assignment somewhat enjoyable. or at least, interesting 

First (1), read the article here:
“Our Improbable Ability To Walk”. This has interesting information on the differences between us and other primates, and how our bipedalism was essentially ‘cobbled’ together. (It also features my colleague from Boston University, Dr. DeSilva 

(2), complete the interactive assignment here:
Note: If you are having problems getting this to work, it is because your browser has disabled pop-up windows. Set this to ‘enable’ for the assignment, or choose another browser (it works with Safari, I.E., Chrome, and FireFox. If all else fails, there are computers on campus that work just fine. You will miss points if you forgo this portion.)
(3), Watch the video here on the Laetoli Footprints:
This video explains how they were formed, and what we have learned from them. 
Then give me an assessment on each of the three portions; what they talked about, what you learned, what was your favorite part. This is to be in standard homework format, at least 350 words (you won’t have a problem with word count if you do this assignment well). This assignment hooks in nicely with Chapter 9 we are reading..
IN ADDITION, (to make sure you actually do the assignment), answer the following three questions:
1) How does the lack of a lumbar curve in the chimpanzee affect its posture?
2) What technique/method was used to determine the age of the Laetoli footprints?
3) What feature(s) in the foot help propel the human while walking?

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