possible concepts for extra credit — the following concepts are from chapters 1 and 2 of the text book. They are in no particular order. There could still be some concepts in chapters 1 and 2. There are most definitely more concepts in the rest of the book. This list is meant only as a suggestion.

– socioeconomic status (SES) – inequality – definition of minority group – definition of majority group

– characteristics of a minority group – racial minority group – ethnic minority group – race

– ethnicity – race as a social construction – markers of group membership – stratification – theories of Karl Marx (proletariat, bourgeoisie, means of production, importance of the economy, conflict as good

– living wage – theoretical perspective proposed by Weber

– theoretical perspective proposed by Lenski

– subsistence technology (foraging, agriculture, industrial, post-industrial)

– intersectionality (Patricia Hill Collins); matrix of domination

– relationship between power, competition, conflict

– evolution – prejudice – stereotypes – gender – discrimination – ideological racism

– institutional discrimination – miscegenation – assimilation – pluralism

– Anglo conformity – social structure – human capital theory – multi-culturalism – ethnic enclaves – separatism, forced migration, genocide, revolution

– industrial revolution – any of the different immigrant groups discussed in class

– chains of immigration – anti-Catholicism – anti-Semitism – pogrom

– push factors; pull factors – three generation model – quota system – ethnic succession

– labor unions – structural mobility – degree of similarity – ethclass – sojourners – ethnic revival

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