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Brief Overview of Activity: Use an HR diagram to learn about the differences between the stars in our stellar neighborhood and the brightest stars in the sky.

Required Items: HR diagram (HT-Groups.pdf) & data (HR-Data.pdf) of stars (attached this conference), red & black ink pens.


On the HR diagram, plot each of “The Brightest Stars” in black ink and then plot each of “The Nearest Stars” in red ink.

Both groups of stars can be found in the attached file (HR-Data).

Note that “M(V)” and “Type” indicate “Absolute Magnitude” and “Spectral Class” on the graph, respectively. “D” of DB, DA, and DF under “Type” denotes a white dwarf. Each spectral class starts with 0 and ends with 9. For instance, we have F0, F1,……, F8, F9, then G0.

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