My Starbucks Idea is a customer relations strategy that is meant to incorporate customers into the business affairs of Starbucks Company. It was started in 2008 and since then it has earned the company a good reputation with regards to customer satisfaction through constant consultations (Hossain & Islam, 2015). My Starbucks Idea is primarily a crowdsourcing forum which leverages on social media to actively engage the customers in sharing new innovative ideas that are relevant to the business as well as to discuss any pertinent issues which may arise occasionally. Furthermore, my Starbucks Idea gives the customers the ability to vote online without necessarily having to travel for physical meetings. Finally, the Idea also enables the management to see the business through the eyes of the customers hence able to make necessary changes as the customers may wish. The system uses social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest as well as YouTube to create common forums for interactions and discussions by the customers and the company management. In essence, these platforms have been able to boost the presence of the company online successfully.

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