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Chemistry 11 Santa Monica College Name _______________________________________ Date of Experiment ______________ Lab Partner(s) _____________________________________________________ Section ______________ Lab Report for Atomic Spectra Part A. Calibration of the Spectroscope Table 1. Emission Spectrum of Mercury Color Position from Center of Spectroscope (cm) Wavelength (nm) violet 404.7 blue 435.8 green 546.1 yellow 579.0 Equation of best fit line from Excel (λ = mx + b, where x = position): 2 _________________________________________________________________ R :_________________ Your instructor may ask you to attach a copy of your graph. Check with your instructor to see if this is required. Part B. Spectrum of a Polyelectronic Element Table 2. Atomic Spectrum of __________ Color of Selected Spectral Line Atomic Spectra Position from

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