I will pay for the following essay Auditing. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.The next aspect of the fraud triangle is opportunity that arises when employees have access to assets and data bank that enables them to both commit and conceal fraud. It commonly occurs in circumstances where a company has a poor internal management system with ineffective monitoring and oversight of management.The final element of the fraud triangle is rationalization. It applies in understanding of the psychology of the individual committing the crime. It primarily focuses on understanding how the person involved in a crime internally justifies his or her actions in an acceptable way to his or her moral compass. Below is the illustration of the fraud triangleFraud triangle relates to Bruce case in all aspects. Bruce had a personal non-shareable financial need revolving around his status. That is the pressure covered by the fraud triangle, and it acted as the motivation that pushed him towards engaging in the irregularities that Rosetti discovered (Wells 80). As discovered by Rosetti, the company had two internal control deficiencies that created a temporary circumstance allowing Bruce to engage in the fraud. The deficiencies made Bruce confident and sure, that little or no chance of implication could arise. Finally, on Rationalization Bruce satisfied his individual needs for cash from the vendors. In addition, as a justification Bruce engaged in the fraud since he had no other way of managing his problems. He believed he could lose his job by failing to engage in the fraud since the vendor threatened to reveal his previous illegal conducts to the Agency.As an earlier approach, the company could improve its overall and risk management strategies in order to prevent such a situation occurring. Creating a culture of no acceptance to fraud within the agency could be a baseline restricting to any form of fraud. These eliminate

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