In this research paper, you will summarize 2 articles about 1 industry area of hospitality. You will also pick a company, based on that area, review their website, and define how your summaries can help them. Industry Areas in Hospitality Hotels (Chapters 2-4) Restaurants (Chapters 6-7) Tourism (Chapter 9) Theme Parks & Attractions (Chapter 10) […]

Police Brutality

500-750 wordsFormat: MLA Point of view: Third Person Assess the website based on the following criteria:The credibility of the authorThe intended audienceThe sponsor of the siteThe purpose of the Web sitePossible bias of the siteThe credibility of the information on the siteThe use of sourcesThe writing style of the siteThe date of publication on the […]

A personal narrative about an experience relating to or dealing with racial injustice that has shaped your identity, values, and/or understanding of the world around you.

This essay has to be a personal narrative. You should write about your own life and experiences. This paper should be created out of your explorations of the topics in the class. You are NOT being asked to write fiction — or a novel — this is about one of your own experiences with racial […]

Management Case

Read the attached discussion case (Volkswagen’s “Clean Diesel” Campaign) and answer the following questions. 1.)  In what ways were consumers (car owners) harmed by Volkswagen’s actions? 2.)  Did Volkswagen violate any U.S. consumer protection laws, and if so, which ones? (** Briefly describe the consumer protection laws.**)

Management Case

Read the attached discussion (Corporate Governance and Executive Misconduct at Wynn Resorts) and answer the following questions. 1.)  Did the board of directors of Wynn Resorts operate according to the principles of good corporate governance, as described in this chapter? Why or why not? (** Briefly describe the principles, see attached.**) 2.)  Do you think […]