The Spanish flu killed somewhere between 20-50 million people.  It is cited as the worst epidemic in recorded world history, killing more people than World War I. One of the most terrifying aspects of this virus was that it targeted healthy people age 20-40 which is highly unusual.  Most deadly pandemic outbreaks affect those in […]

Art History

ObjectivesInvestigate artworks using a critical processComparison and contrast of two pieces of art using description, analysis, interpretation, and judgmentDescribe how works are similar and differentUse the comparison of works to illustrate meanings and issues presented by the worksUse Comparison and Contrast descriptions to show how ideas and conventions change over timeUse comparison and contrast to […]

Rhetorical Analysis

• Apply terms and concepts of rhetorical analysis to a text. • Develop analysis in 3-4 pages.• Develop a clear thesis that states an argument—subject and significance of essay. • Develop body paragraphs that are focused and thoroughly explained.• Craft an introduction that engages the reader and sets up context of the essay.• Craft a […]

Health Care and Life Sciences: Health Care and Life Sciences (Links to an external site.) Read the following link and answer:Which of the seven listed recommendations do you feel is the most critical approach to supporting healthcare teams? Explain your answer.

Humanities: Human Services

505 U5350 WORDS In Chapters 8 and 9 of your textbook, you read about ethical and legal issues the human service professional may encounter. The human service professional will encounter ethical dilemmas in their professional career. You have read about how ethical practices are guided by a professional ethical standard. The chapter discusses several professional […]