Business Law-Uber Case Discussion Paper Homework Assignment Help

Question Description Leonard H. Bucklin of Corporate-Ethics.US™ has developed a five-step process for investigating and resolving business ethics problems. In principle, he prescribes the following: (1) Inquire: Gather the facts you need to understand the ethical problem facing you or your client and draw up a list of ethical principles relevant to the problem; (Because […]

This first draft assignment Ethical Issues in Business *Wells Fargo Scandal*

Question Description For this assignment, refer to the “Ethical Issues in Business: Preliminary Research Table” you completed earlier in the course. Using the research sources in the table to support your positions, Write a background summary report of 1,000 to 1,500 words on the selected business and the ethical crisis the company has faced. Address […]

Cash Conversion Cycle Analysis Paper Homework Assignment Help

Question Description The purpose of this assignment is to help students gain a better understanding of calculations of cash flow and strategies to increase it. Assignment Steps Select a multinational company from the following industries: Retail Pharmaceutical Computer Hardware Manufacturing Automotive Review the selected company’s most recent financial statements. Calculate the following cash conversion cycle […]

Examining the legal underpinnings of Business Law

Legal Underpinnings of Business Law Imagine that you own each of the following businesses: Tinker’s Home Security Service (sole proprietorship)Tinker & Tailor’s Home Security Service (general partnership)Tinker & Tailor’s Home Security Service (LP)Tinker & Tailor’s Home Security Service, Inc. (corporation)Tinker & Tailor’s Home Security Service, LLC (LLC) The businesses are being sued for breach of […]