Self Portrait Composite Paper Assignment

In this project, you will be creating a composite in which you are the main character. You will create a composite that is believable, as if you were really in that scene. To do this, be sure you are really interacting with elements in the location you choose. You will be creating an 8×10 print of your finished project as well as submitting the final master file. Make sure all your image components can be printed at least 8×10 at 300 ppi.

Gasland Investigative Documentary Reaction Paper Assignment

Watch the documentary Gasland. Write a reaction to this documentary using the Reaction Paper document template found in files and answer all questions. Work directly on the Reaction Paper Template, format and add pages if necessary. Do a “save as” and rename the file with your last name and reaction number. Upload to Canvas by the due date. Submit as a doc or pdf file. A rubric is located in Files.