Based on our readings of Assata: An Autobiography and other autobiographical material you read during the quarter, write a first draft of an autobiography that assesses your life (the one you choose or your actual life) on your own terms. You are in charge of the tone and lens of your autobiography, and what you cover within it. Remember that it’s not a book-length story of your life, so you will have to decide when to summarize, and when to delve into important scenes. Plan to have the first draft be around 3 to 5 pages. Your final draft can be longer if you want.

Guiding questions:

Who are you and what about your life best describes your essence and core self? What was your early childhood like, your family life? What are some of the impactful events in your life? Is there a person in your life who has supported you no matter what and/or offered mentorship at some point during your life? What were the biggest challenges/hurdles that you have faced? How can you describe the crime for which you were sentenced or arrested (or held awaiting trial)? What is your memory of this day? How can you describe the quality of time during the action that led to your arrest (or not—perhaps you are innocent of the crime for which you have been convicted)? Did everything happen in slow-motion, did time speed up, did it stop completely? Or maybe you don’t remember anything, or you remember every single aspect of each second. And so much more…

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