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Part 1: Assessing the effect of exercise 1. Measure respiratory rate, while at rest. While sitting quietly, record the number of breaths you take in one minute. This is your resting respiratory rate. Record this value in Table 1. 2. Repeat this procedure after exercise (vigorously walk up and down the hall or around the building once or go up and down the stairs twice) to determine your respiratory rate after exercise. Again, record your data in Table 1. 3. Using your hand or a stethoscope, determine our heart rate at rest and after exercise. Record the heartbeats per minute at rest, and then after exercise (similar to steps 1 and 2). Record your values in Table 1. +Table 1. The effect of exercise on heart rate and respiratory rate. At Rest After Exercise Respiratory Rate (breaths/min) Heart Rate (beats/min) Respiratory Rate

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