Write 3 pages thesis on the topic the banking concept of education. This has not universally been the case, like everyone I have benefited from a wide array of extremely talented teaches who wanted to hear their students ideas, to include their students in discussions and to reinforce to their students that even if they might not have as much academic expertise as their professors, their lived experiences may provide them with valuable insights and render their contributions valuable to any class discussion. But the fact remains that most of my teachers used the banking style of education, and probably though that is the best kind of education. This has affects me in a lot of ways, such as making me not creative and making my critical thinking worse. But by far the most important influence this theory of education has had on me is the fact that it has begun make me oppressive to other people like my teachers were oppressive to me. As mentioned before, oppression makes oppression, and those who have been oppressed kind of naturally let the oppression they have had go through them unless they work very hard to not let that happen. This means that, though I understand when I think about it that the banking theory of education is inherently oppressive, and separates students from educators in a very bad way, there is probably still a large part of me that thinks education looks like the banking theory of education. This also probably means that whenever I get into an education place, I will have to work hard to stop this oppressive theory of education from coming through me, to make sure that whenever I am teaching someone whether as a peer, an educator or just in the world, I recognize the banking theory of education and try to stop it.