1. Review the following resources:
    1. Article: Medical Labour Supply and the Production of Healthcare(new tab)
    2. Article: Supply and Demand Shocks in Health Care due to COVID-19: Part 1 – Hospitals(new tab)
  2. Conduct your own research to support your writing. You should include a minimum of three scholarly resources in your work.
  3. In a Word document (minimum 2,000 words), please address the following: 
    1. Discuss how supply and demand varies by areas in the chosen industry.
    2. Explain how supply and demand affect trends over time.
    3. Consider what industry supply and demand problem has improved or worsened over time.
    4. Discuss strategies for improving problem areas in the industry.
    5. Include your poster from the 2.2 Discussion as an appendix for this part of the case.

Explanation & Answer length: 2000 words

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