• This is a group assignment with only 5 members. As discussed and explained in the class, this assignment is a Case study.
  • The students should read and analyze the Case study and submit their report.
  • The report should contain the following:

The Assignment should cover the following points:     

  1. Brief Overview (Describe the Company and issues discussed)
  2. Situation Analysis (SWOT)
  3. Key Issues (Symptoms/Problems)
  4. Alternatives (A set of strategic alternatives that have a potential to solve the problem)
  5. Evaluation of Alternatives (How well does the alternative address the issue stated? / List the pros and cons of each alternative)
  6. Recommendation
  7. Conclusion


  1. Case Study Activity Based Budgeting At Agricultural
  2. Emerging market Cost of capital
  3. Managerial accounting approach of customer relationship
  4. Managerial excellence using ABC
  5. Management accounting practices
  6. Managerial decision using ABC for service sector
  7. Shaping and being shaped – New managerial roles
  8. The Benefits of the Application of Activity Based Cost System

Rubric for Report: 50 marks

CategoryFailed 0-1Partially 2-3Mostly 4-5Absolutely 6
  Key Issue(s) 6  Did not identify Key Issues  Partially identified Key Issues  Mostly identified Key Issues  Absolutely identified Key Issues  
  Relevant Factors 6  Did not analyze Relevant Factors  Partially analyzed Relevant Factors  Mostly analyzed Relevant Factors  Absolutely analyzed Relevant Factors
  Alternatives (Identify) 6  Did not develop realistic Alternatives  Partially developed realistic Alternatives  Mostly developed realistic Alternatives  Absolutely developed realistic Alternatives
  Alternatives (Evaluate) 6  Did not evaluate Alternatives  Partially evaluated Alternatives  Mostly evaluated Alternatives  Absolutely evaluated Alternatives
    Recommendation, Plan, risk Mitigation 6  Did not select a Recommendation to address key issues  Partially selected a Recommendation to address key issues  Mostly selected a Recommendation to address key issues  Absolutely selected  a Recommendation to address key issues
Formatting 5  
Timely Submission 5  

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