Hi, need to submit a 250 words paper on the topic Discuss the basic qualifications in an organized crime group. Basic qualifications in an organized crime group Organized crime group An organized crime group refers to any criminal activity involving two or more group of people, who are either specialized or not and belong to a certain social structure and always have a hierarchy of leadership. Such groups usually get to operate in an organized manner and works towards a certain goal. These groups are usually well structure in operations, and each member of the groups has specialized functions to undertake. The composition of an organized crime group or syndicate does not involve thieves. It is usually composed of politicians, business people, politicians that run illegal operations for the sole purpose of making profits.Therefore, the most common characteristics of an organized crime group are that they have no political goals. they are hierarchical and have exclusive or limited membership. Organized crime groups also do belong to a unique subculture, perpetuates itself and are willing to use illegal violence to obtain whatever they intend to. Finally, all organized crime groups are monopolistic and get governed by set rules and regulations.Activities that are carried out by organized crime groups involve money laundering, illegal drug distribution, illegal prostitution and human trafficking. Organized crime syndicates are not all the same. They differ in structure because they have different objectives to accomplish. They have different funding methods and how they communicate too. The most salient aspect of a syndicate is the loyalty of its members and their ability to keep their operations a secret. Any member of a syndicate usually has a death penalty for not being loyal to the group.ReferencesLyman, M. D., & Potter, G. W. (2000). Organized crime. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Prentice Hall.