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CHM 1045 Final Review Directions: read each question carefully and bubble in the correct answer on the scan-tron and quiz. Show all work for mathematical problems in order to receive credit. Name____________________________ Date__________________________ 1. Calcium fluoride, CaF2, is a source of fluorine and is used to fluoridate drinking water. Calculate its formula mass. 2. Balance the following equation: B2O3(s) + HF(l) → BF3(g) + H2O(l) 3. Determine the number of ammonia molecules in 4.85g of ammonia (N A = 6.022 x 1023 mol-1). 4. Methanol (CH4O) is converted to bromomethane (CH3Br) as follows: CH4O + HBr → CH3Br + H2O If 12.23 g of bromomethane are produced when 5.00 g of methanol is reacted with excess HBr, what is the percentage yield? 5. Which of these compounds is a strong electrolyte? a) H2O b) O2 c) H2SO4 d) C6H12O6

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