Provide a 7 pages analysis while answering the following question: Beauty Between Men and Women. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Most of the time, debates occur because of the fact that there are instances when the recognition of each gender’s special traits as a person is disregarded by the society during certain circumstances. This is primarily because of the fact that men and women are viewed differently by the human society. By the different legends, the accounts of creation, the different mythological stories, the shaping of the characteristics of both men and women becomes more vivid, thus making it possible for a person to receive a certain “mark” in their forehead as they grow up basing from their gender, even before they could even make a name for themselves. What are these marking differences all about’ Men are primarily noted as the “strong” sector of the human society. They are viewed to be the primary ones to receive authority and thus imply power upon all others. Through the myths and legends [as mentioned earlier]. men were perceived to have a greater command over things compared to that of the women’s capability of exercising authority over all. On the other hand, women were viewed as the weaker sector of humanity (Jervis, 2001, 17). They are referred to as the complimentary partner of men who are intended to give assistance to the men when they are to carry out their responsibilities over humankind. Because of the social philosophy based on the theory of essentialism, this traditional recognition of the role of men and women in the society became much easier to accept for so many years. (Jervis, 2001, 18) However, during the 1800’s, the birth of liberalization gave way to the feminist movement of the female sector of the population. Things have really changed and the supposed unwavering capability of men to rule over others began to shiver because of primarily being disturbed by the different stresses that the said gender actually had to deal with in life. After all, men were faced with the many responsibilities that they have to complete for their families, their wives, their fellow citizens and their nation. Attending to these responsibilities mainly made some of the men’s capability to handle multi-numbered responsibilities began to whither. Hence, the women, being known as the complimentary gender to that of the men, began to long for a more important role in the society as progressive individuals of the human civilization. The women then began to create movements that would actually carry their “banners of pride” towards recognition form the entire human society. The liberty from simply being a wife, being a mother or being a child has been achieved during the 1990’s when women were allowed to run for positions for government administrative offices. when they were given the chance to take over high positions on business corporations. when they were allowed to consider becoming members of the military force.

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