1. A team leader tells their team that they are expected to work as hard as possible. They have not articulated specific expected outcomes as they feel if the team puts in maximum effort those goals will take care of themselves. What would you say to this manager? (75–150 words)2. What are the advantages of encouraging a team to diagnose and resolve its problems as opposed to having a leader or external person do it for them? (50–75 words)3. What does it mean to act as a role model? (1 sentence)4. How can modelling appropriate behaviours enhance the organisation’s image within the work team, the organisation and with clients/ customers? (50–75 words)5. Projecting energy and enthusiasm has been stated as a key role modelling behaviour for team leaders. Do you think that this is important? Why/ Why not? How can you personally do this? (50–75 words)6. Give an example of defensive communication. (20–40 words)7. Give an example of respectful communication. (20–40 words)8. Give an example of synergistic communication. (50–75 words)9. Describe five strategies for productivity and progress reporting to management.

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