Explain whether Sethe was right to kill her child. Analyze her motives, experience, fears, and lack of foreknowledge.

Research paper with a minimum of 5 outside sources

8 to 10 pages

MLA format

The presentation is polished, uses strong images, is free of grammar/spelling errors, and has an appropriate discussion question to engage viewers. The presenter also responds to a presentation from a peer (necessary for full credit)

How to Submit:

Use this discussion board space to upload your virtual presentation. You will also comment on at least one presentation by someone else. Just click in the “reply” area of the discussion board to upload your presentation.

To create your presentation, you should use PowerPoint or Prezi and then record your voice comments as you click through your slides. The presentation does not need to be lengthy – it should be approximately 10-12 minutes – but it should adequately and clearly communicate the ideas you have developed.   You will also be required to respond to at least one other student’s presentation, commenting on the ideas presented and attempting to answer the discussion question presented at the end of the presentation.

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