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CSE 1325: Object-Oriented Programming University of Texas at Arlington Summer 2021 Dr. Alex Dillho Extra Credit Benchmarking Parallel Processing In this assignment, you will be benchmarking the time it takes to perfrom tasks in parallel using multiple threads versus using a single thread. Matrix Multiplication Matrix multiplication is an extremely common operation that is used in many highperformance computing applications. For example, articial neural networks perform many matrix multiplications while computing output and while training. Your code should benchmark this task, which means you will need to implement the operation. The Java API does not provide this operation natively. You can implement matrix multiplication following the denition as seen here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matrix_multiplication Your implementation should end up as a nested for-loop with 3 loops total. That is, the rst loop iterates over the rows of A using i. The second loop iterates over the columns of B using j . The third loop sums the products of the values using k. n X cij = aik bkj k=1 For simplicity’s sake, you can assume the matrices A and B are square and of This implies that the output matrix C will also be square and of the same size as A and B . the same size. BONUS (10 points): Implement matrix multiplication to work with non- square matrices. Multi-Threading To compare the time it takes to compute batch operations of matrix multiplication using multiple threads versus a single thread, your program should be able to start many threads. Each thread will perform matrix multiplication on two matrices and update a shared 3D array. The user should be able to input the number of batch items to benchmark when the program starts, not to exceed 128 items. CSE 1325: Extra Credit Dillho If the user enters 64, then your code should benchmark the time it takes to multiple 64 sets of matrices. The results would be stored in a 3D array. The user should also be able to specify the size of the matrices. If you implement the bonus above, add input for the size of matrix A and size of matrix B. As an example, if the user wanted to benchmark the time it takes to multiply 64 pairs of square matrices that are 10×10, the resulting 3D output array should be of size 64×10×10. Your program should launch 64 threads that will perform matrix multiplication on one pair of matrices. Benchmarking When benchmarking linear versus parallel computation. You should use System.nanoTime() as shown below. long startTime = System.nanoTime(); // Perform some computation long endTime = System.nanoTime(); long timeInMs = TimeUnit.NANOSECONDS.toMillis(endTime – startTime); Your program will rst benchmark the time it takes to perform this on a single thread before benchmarking the time it takes using multi-threading. Report both times to the console before exiting. Submission Create a zip le using the name template LASTNAME_ID_EC.zip which includes the required .java les. Submit the zip le through Canvas. 2

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