Every member of the team will receive the same grade on the case, but presentation scores will be individual. Each student must use PitchVantage at least two times before their presentation. Not practicing on PitchVantage before presenting will result in deduction of points. Objectives: In your analysis, show me you can… https://csufullerton.instructure.com/courses/3283798/assignments/33730199 2/3 4/3/22, 3:11 PM FINAL Team Project Assignment Paper Demonstrate information competence through library database research. Produce a university caliber, well designed, organized and articulate document, and demonstrate literacy skills. Assessment Measures I will grade this assignment for thoroughness, accuracy, and clarity of content, and professional presentation using the C.L.A.S.S. rubric. Read the syllabus and the university catalog for a description of plagiarism and cheating. If you aren’t sure what plagiarism is, please ask me or go to http://library.fullerton.edu, click on Reference and Instruction. I will grade your presentation using the S.P.E.A.K.S. rubric. FINAL Team Project Assignment Paper Upload Submission You have no active papers in this assignment https://csufullerton.instructure.com/courses/3283798/assignments/33730199 3/3
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