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BCH 3023C – CRN 10026 – TR – 202001 Biochemistry Exam 3 Chapters: 20-32 Name: Student ID: Short Answers (50 points) 1 1) What is the role of bicarbonate in fatty acid synthesis? 2) NADH to NADPH. What are the three reactions that allow the conversion of cytoplasmic NADH to NADPH? Show the sum of the three reactions. (chapter 28, 3 points) 3) From the image below, explain how the urea cycle is linked to amino acid degradation? (6 points) 2 (2 points) 4) Is simple sugar reactive enough to react with glycogen? If not, how is it activated? (5 points) 3 5) In the fatty acid degradation of the following molecule: a) Explain how many cycles of fatty acid degradation will be required to completely breakdown the molecule in question? (3 points) b) How do the first and the last cycle of this fatty acid degradation differ from the cycles inbetween

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