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BIOL 1030 – Lab Manual Assignment 5 For this Individual assignment, you will be constructing two separate phylogenetic trees of five plant species and an outgroup. The first tree will be constructed using morphological characteristics only, and the second will use molecular phenotypes. Using the time in your lab period, as a group you are encouraged to share screen the data tables and guiding questions to facilitate group discussion. Although you may discuss this assignment with your group members, you will be required to each submit your own work in your own words. There are FIVE parts to this assignment. Parts 1 – 3 will be submitted to both Peerceptiv and UMLearn and parts 4 – 5 will be submitted to UMLearn only, in addition to parts 1 – 3 Part 1 – Construction of Morphological Phylogenetic Tree Part 2 – Characteristic Additions on

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