Easy writing im not the best writer so very basic responses. Each question (5 numbered sections/questions each requires one page)
1.Consider the following observation: A group of 10 overweight patients has high levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. Based on this limited information and using the scientific method, develop a question followed by a hypothesis. Design an experiment to test your hypothesis (make sure to indicate a control) and indicate predicted results.

2. Answer the following based on the information provided on these nutritional labels.

 Product AProduct B
Total fat30 g26 g
Saturated fat  8 g10 g
Monounsaturated fat10 g10 g
Polyunsaturated fat12 g  6 g

     Which product would you select if you were concerned about your health? Give two reasons why you would select that product. If the ingredient label of this product mentioned the term hydrogenated oils, what would that term mean? Manufacturers have gotten away with some fairly questionable labeling procedures to deceive consumers concerning the actual nutritional content of their products. Do you think that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should make some changes to the nutritional labels? Do some research in the internet which will help you support your answer.

3.  Our civilization generates many potentially mutagenic chemicals (pesticides, for example) and modifies the environment in ways that increase exposure to other mutagens, notably ultraviolet (UV) radiation. You should have  knowledge about the mutations and mutagens after reading chapter 6 and what exactly gets effected by these mutagens.  What role should government play in identifying mutagens and regulating their release to the environment? What is the proper balance between protection from harm and government regulation? Is it possible to identify and monitor every possible mutagen? Should we try?

 There are many environmental mutagens whose effects have been clearly noted in humans. Some examples include the chemicals in cigarette smoke and UV exposure. Knowing that the risks of exposure carry such high odds of a dangerous outcome such as cancer, many people still voluntarily expose themselves to these mutagens. Should people be responsible for regulating their own activities, or should there be more legislation to prevent this?

4.  The genetic engineering of organisms can be controversial, creating various degrees of social unease and resistance. Yet many debates about scientific issues are confused by misinformation. This provides an opportunity for us  to research an issue before taking firm positions. You can debate whether a food or drug made from GM/transgenic organisms should be labeled as such, or discuss the risks and advantages of producing GM organisms. The recent process of FDA approval for raising genetically engineered salmon for food might be a good example. 

The above concept will generate a very good conversation between you all. try to ask questions in your responses as everyone has different opinions from their research and experiences from their life. You all need to cite your references. Do not just copy the articles you find rather you mention those as a summary.

5. As the Human Genome Project progresses, we are learning more and more about genetic differences that cause genetic disease. Some people advocate the use of this knowledge to ultimately develop gene therapy. The goal of gene therapy would be to find alleles that are “faulty” and to correct them with normal alleles. Ideally, to “fix” every cell in an individual, this process would need to occur in embryos. Let’s suppose a couple found out that later in their embryo’s life, their baby would develop an incurable disease such as Alzheimer’s disease. Would you advocate the use of gene therapy in the embryo to correct the problem before the child was ever born? What if the embryo did not appear likely to develop a genetic disease, but the parents decided that they would really prefer that their child have blue eyes as opposed to brown. Would you advocate the use of gene therapy in this case? Should the use of this therapy be limited? Who should decide those limits?

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