A A typical scientific paper has 4 parts. (2 pages paper)

Intro Method Results Discussion

The intro discusses the theory and builds an argument for a specific alternative hypothesis. The method describes the variables, operational definitions, and procedures used in the study. The results talk about the statistics. The discussion interprets the results in words and discusses some interpretations of the findings.

For this assignment, I want you to write a two page (double spaced) discussion section of a paper. A discussion section typically has the parts listed below, and I expect to see these parts in your two page paper. Use these headings in your paper.

A- A- Summary of hypothesis and results. State hypothesis and whether it was supported or not

B- Summary of the theoretical implications. How does this advance the theory of norm of reciprocity?

o Theoretical implications help us answer questions such as “how does this extend our understanding of the theory” or “does this suggest that the theory can be expanded or changed based on the research findings?” The theoretical implications often go a step further than simply stating that the research supports/doesn’t support the theory (because that’s why the research was being conducted in the first place) and instead, might also suggest new pieces of the theory revealed by the evidence, confounding variables, or contexts in which the theory does not hold up.

C- Summary of practical implications. What kind of practical advice would you be able to give someone based off of the study results?

o Practical implications help us answer questions such as “what does this research mean in the real-world?” or “how would I apply this to an every day situation?”

D- Limitations. What are some things in the study that you would do differently if you could do the study again?

E- Future Directions. Suggest a study or a direction that future researchers could pursue to build on your work

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2- (2 paragraphs assignment) Watch the video link below.

I have linked a 10 minute meditation. I would like you to do this meditation for at least 5 nights. There is evidence that even just 10 minutes of meditation a day can have significant positive impacts on one’s health. If you get tired of this specific meditation, try another. Just make sure it is a mindfulness meditation that is at least 10 minutes.

After each completed meditation, take brief notes on a word document (1 to 2 sentences or bullets) about the experience. After your final meditation, please write two paragraphs. The first paragraph should explain how this meditation exercise relates to what we have learned about so far in class. The second paragraph should be a reflection on how meditation has (or has not) changed your day to day life. You should also answer if you plan to continue meditating in the future.


Kaerny, Shemla, van Knippenberg, & Scholz, 2019.pdf

(1 page papaer)

Please read the Introduction, Method, and Discussion section of the attached PDF (you do NOT have to read the results section — it is dense — but you can try if you want). The attached PDF is an example of an empirical paper in psychology. An empirical paper uses data to test a hypothesis. Pay attention to the hypotheses, how the researchers designed their study to test their hypotheses, and the results that they found.

The study that you will read is a study that an industrial organizational (IO) psychologist would conduct. This specific study is on leadership, but IO psychologists study many more topics, such as how to select the best job candidates, how to decide if job-trainings are working effectively, how to promote effective teamwork, how to create a company culture and more!

After you finish reading the PDF, please write up a one-page paper that includes the following sections. If you go a bit over one page, that is okay. Please show, through your writing, that you read more than just the abstract section of the paper.

Explain the hypothesis that the researchers are testing Describe how the researchers tested the hypothesis Explain if the researchers supported their hypothesis Write a few sentences explaining what you liked and did not like about reading an empirical paper.

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