Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Biometrics. It needs to be at least 2500 words.In the present contemporary era of computer science, a different role is being played by the biometrics applications. A particular class of identification technologies has been referred by the high technology sector of the biometrics. In specific, an individual’s identity is determined by the utilization of different technologies that refer to the individual biological traits.In this regard, fingerprints, retina, facial recognition, iris patterns, etc. are some of the major examples of the biological traits that are considered in the field of biometrics.Technical ability of the humans in terms of cataloguing and tracking the biological traits is considered during the selection of individual traits in the contemporary biometric applications. It is observed that a number of biological traits are easy to acquire. however, some are difficult to obtain, which has resulted in the creation of a number of complexities in the field of biometrics. In this regard, a number of experts are endeavoring for the improvement of biometric technology for the advancement of security of life measurements that can provide and ensure foolproof security in different organizations. Today, more reliability has been shown by the fingerprint readers that are available in different markets at very low cost. On the other hand, retina scanners are very costly, and therefore, it will take years to replace the less-accurate fingerprint scanners in different parts of the globe. Nowadays, digital and computer security is confronting immense demand, which has been caused by the security breaches in different organizations around the world. In this regard, a number of studies are being carried out to ensure effective security, which is now one of the major concerns of the present technological globe. (Thieme, pp. 25-28)In the dominion of computer security, physiological and individual human characteristics are