* Film Review of BIRTH OF A NATION (1915)

* Discuss the background of the film – Include the year the film was released, the director, the producer, the principal actors, the awards won and the book on which the story was based,  1/2 page and footnotes

* Describe the Reconstruction Era in U.S. History,  1/2 page and footnotes

‘‘The Birth of a Nation’’, a dramatic and classic film, is arguably one of the best films ever. This masterpiece has acted a stepping stone for all cinema productions, offering insight on different production techniques. Its writers, producers, and actors play a significant role in its success. This paper takes a look into the background of the film and all who are involved in its creation, with the aim of identifying its main ideas and the controversies it arose in the United States.

Released on February 8, 1915, the film was directed by D. W. Griffith. Despite being a liberal, he was widely viewed as a paternalistic racist.[1] The original script of the movie was written by Griffith and Frank E. Woods after drawing inspiration from a novel authored by Thomas Dixon published in 1905, titled The Clansman.[2] With an extravagant budget of $ 110, 000, Griffith materialized his ambitious idea of recreating the Civil War and the events that followed it.

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