• Bibliographies should be in a standard 12-point font with 1″ margins.
  • Your sources should be listed in Chicago citation style (see below).
  • Each citation should be followed by one to two sentences briefly describing the contents of the source and its relevance to your film.
  • You must attach screenshots of each of your sources.
  • Bibliographies should have at least eight sources that are specifically focused on your chosen film. We suggest that you find at least twelve, so you still have enough if some prove to be inadequate.
  • The sources must be from within two years of the film’s release for American films, and five years of release for international films.
  • If your TA believes you do not have adequate sources, you will be asked to submit a second draft of your bibliography. If you are requested to submit a second draft, you will not receive full credit for this assignment until you do so.

Research and Bibliography Instructions

  1. Select a film from the list provided on Canvas. This list contains films available on Kanopy, which you can access through your UCI library account. If you would like to write about a film not on the list, you must get approval from your TA in advance. However, it must be a film produced before 1930.
    1. You need to screen your film at least once, even if you’ve seen it before. It is your responsibility to find a copy of your film to watch if it is not on Kanopy.
  2. Research: You need to find written sources about your film from the time in which it was produced and released. These may include film reviews, interviews with the filmmakers, advertisements, or articles about the production, premiere, theatrical exploitation, or box office performance in industry trades.
    1. The best way to find these sources is through the Media History Digital Library. You can access the search engine through:
    1. Enter your film title in the Search box (in “quotes” may help if the title includes common words), then narrow the years (on the left side) to two years before and after the release year of your film (or five years after for international films).
    1. Look through the results (do not just use the first eight that come up!). You need to find a variety of sources. Eight advertisements or eight box office reports is not good research. You should find a mix of ads, articles, interviews, industry reports, and reviews.
    1. When you find one that looks interesting, click “Read in Context.” This will open the magazine, though the page may be wrong. You often have to flip back a page or two to find the right one.
    1. If you are not finding enough quality sources:
      1. Try searching the star or director of your film.
      1. Focus on one of the ‘Collections’ such as ‘Fan Magazines’ or ‘Technical Journals.’
      1. For international films, you will need to search up to five years after the release year since they often take time to be released in the U.S. They may also have been released under alternate titles.
  3. Citation: When you find a source you want to use, you should download or take a snapshot of, as it will need to be included with your bibliography submission.
    1. You then collect the citation information, including all of the following that yu can find:
      1. Article title
  1. Article author (there may not be one)
    1. Page number (If it’s not listed on the page, use a nearby page to deduce the page number.)
    1. Periodical title (i.e. Daily Variety, Motion Picture News)
    1. The date of publication (Likely at the top or bottom of the page.)
    1. The volume and issue number (You will likely need to flip to the editorial page at the front of the periodical to find this.)
    1. Sample Citation:

John Leezer, “To Be or Not to Be?” American Cinematographer II, no. 10 (May 12, 1921): 2.


Author, “Title” Periodical Name Volume, no. Issue (Date): Page Number.

  • Annotation: In your bibliography, you will then annotate each citation. This will show that you have read your sources and know what they will add to your paper.
    • In order to annotate properly, you need to know what publication you are using. On the search listing, you can click on the periodical title, such as “Motion Picture Daily.” This will take you to a page with “Book/Volume Details.” At the bottom should be a “Description” that tells you about the publication and its intended audience.
    • Annotation Example: “This is a review of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari from a major American trade paper aimed at exhibitors. It shows how American critics liked but did not understand the film or its potential to connect with audiences.”
  • Submitting Your Bibliography: Your finished bibliography needs to be uploaded to Canvas by Friday, February 12th.
    • It must include all of the following, preferably as a single pdf:
      • A list of at least eight (we recommend 12) properly cited primary sources.
      • 1-2 sentence annotations under each source entry.
      • Copies of each of the sources.
    • You will get your bibliography feedback and grade within a couple of weeks. If your TA determines that you did not include sufficient sources or adequate citations, you will be asked to resubmit your bibliography. This must be done at least a week before the paper is due.
    • If your TA does not sign off on your bibliography, you will receive an F for this assignment, which is 5% of your grade. If you do not turn in a bibliography, you will get a zero for the assignment.

Film list:

Battleship Potemkin (Links to an external site.) (Eisenstein, 1925)

Berlin, Symphony of a Great City (Links to an external site.) (Ruttman, 1927)

The Birth of a Nation (Links to an external site.) (Griffith, 1915)

Blind Husbands (Links to an external site.) (von Stroheim, 1919)

The Blot (Links to an external site.) (Weber, 1921)

The Blue Angel  (Links to an external site.)(Von Sternberg, 1929)

Broken Blossoms  (Links to an external site.)(Griffith, 1919)

The Cat and the Canary (Links to an external site.) (Leni, 1927)

The Circus (Links to an external site.) (Chaplin, 1928)

College (Links to an external site.) (Keaton, Horne, 1927)

Diary of a Lost Girl (Links to an external site.) (Pabst, 1929)

Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler (Links to an external site.) (Lang, 1922)

The Extra Girl  (Links to an external site.)(Jones, Sennett, 1923)

Fanchon the Cricket  (Links to an external site.)(Kirkwood, 1915)

Faust (Links to an external site.) (Murnau, 1926)

Foolish Wives  (Links to an external site.)(von Stroheim, 1922)

The General (Links to an external site.) (Keaton, 1926)

Girl Shy  (Links to an external site.)(Newmeyer, 1924)

The Gold Rush (Links to an external site.) (Chaplin, 1925)

Der Golem (Links to an external site.) (Wegener, 1920)

Haxan (Links to an external site.) (Christensen, 1922)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Links to an external site.) (Worsley, 1923)

Hypocrites (Links to an external site.) (Weber, 1915)

Intolerance (Links to an external site.) (Griffith, 1916)

The Kid  (Links to an external site.)(Chaplin, 1921)

The King of Kings (Links to an external site.) (DeMille, 1927)

The Last Laugh (Links to an external site.) (Murnau, 1924)

Little Annie Rooney  (Links to an external site.)(Feist, 1925)

The Lost World  (Links to an external site.)(Hoyt, 1925)

The Mark of Zorro (Links to an external site.) (Niblo, 1920)

The Marriage Circle (Lubitsch, 1924) (Links to an external site.)

Metropolis (Links to an external site.) (Lang, 1927)

Moana (Links to an external site.) (Flahery, 1926)

Orphans of the Storm  (Links to an external site.)(Griffith, 1921)

Our Hospitality (Links to an external site.) (Keaton, 1923)

Phantom Carriage (Links to an external site.) (Sjostrom, 1921)

La Roue (Links to an external site.) (Gance, 1923)

Safety Last ! (Links to an external site.) (Newmeyer, Taylor, 1923)

The Scar of Shame (Links to an external site.) (Perugini, 1929)

Seven Chances (Links to an external site.) (Keaton, 1925)

The Sheik  (Links to an external site.)(Melford, 1921)

Speedy (Links to an external site.) (Wilde, 1928)

Steamboat Bill Jr. (Reisner, Keaton, 1928) (Links to an external site.)

The Symbol of the Unconquered  (Links to an external site.)(Micheaux, 1920)

Ten Nights in a Bar Room (Links to an external site.) (Colored Players, 1926)

The Thief of Bagdad (Links to an external site.) (Walsh, 1924)

The Three Ages (Links to an external site.) (Keaton, Cline, 1923)

Traffic in Souls  (Links to an external site.)(Tucker, 1913)

Way Down East (Links to an external site.) (Griffith, 1920)

Within Our Gates (Micheaux, 1920)


The Birth of a Nation (Links to an external site.) (Griffith, 1915)

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