For this assignment, I’m asking you, first, to produce an original evaluative claim abou the Black Mirror episodes we watched: “Fifteen Million Merits.” Your claim should highlight a specific aspect of the episode—one or two of the topics/issues it satirizes—and it should suggest whether you find the episode’s take on that issue successful, unsuccessful, or some mixture of the two.

You may be explicit in your statements: e.g. “The episode is about…. I find it an effective criticism because…” Ideally you should be able to produce an evaluative claim in about 3-4 sentences. But take as many as you need.

After you establish your evaluative claim, identify a piece of evidence from the episode that enables you to support your claim. Think carefully. What example from the episode most effectively demonstrates your claim?

Produce a paragraph in which you cite your evidence (“The part of the episode that demonstrates my claim is…”) and then proceed to explain carefully how that evidence works in support of your claim. Provide adequate detail and explanation.

Assume that your reader is a fan of the Black Mirror episode you’re writing about. She wants to understand more about the episode.  

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