Submission Deadline Marks and Feedback Before 6pm on: 15 working days after deadline (All Levels) 19/04/2021 Module title & code CC01-3 Fundamentals of ICT (FICT) Assignment number and title Assignment (1-A) – Individual Report (Alternative Assessment for Quiz due to COVID-19) Assessment type Individual Written Report Weighting of assessment 40% Module learning outcomes 1. Understand Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and recognize its applications in everyday life 2. Demonstrate the use of prevalent applications to produce documents, spreadsheets and presentations with collaborative features What am I required to do in this assignment? Introduction This assignment is an individual work in which the student will be required to write a brief report by choosing a topic from the pool of topics provided. You will be submitting the final report through Turnitin link on MOVE. Topics Select any one of the following topics and produce a brief report. 1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. 2. Blockchain Technology. 3. Evolution of eLearning during COVID-19. 4. The uses of collaboration software and its benefits / types. 5. The integration of ICT and IoT (Internet of things) with emphasis on their relationship and differences. 6. The role of Communication Technologies in building Future Smart Cities. 7. Comparison of multiple Mobile Operating Systems such as Android OS, Apple® iOS, Windows Mobile, Oxygen etc. 8. The role of ICT in education especially dealing with epidemic and pandemic spread like COVID-19. 9. Integration of ICT in daily life such as Education, Banking, Industry, E Commerce, Healthcare etc. 10. Comparison of multiple types of computers (Personal Computer, Mobile, Server, Mainframe, Super Computer.) 11. ICT Transformation Factors (Speed, Portability, Cost, Access/Availability, Ease of Use etc.) 12. Compare the security of wireless network security standards and algorithms such as WEP, WPA, and WPA2. 13. Network Connection Methods such as wired, wireless, and mobile and its application in various business, home scenarios. 14. The emergence of Cloud Computing in modern Internet. 15. Components of Computer System highlighting its purpose. Report Guidelines  Introduction, Background and History of the topic selected  Integration in daily life with the help of day-to-day examples  Exploring the features and various alternatives  References and Citation It is compulsory to cite relevant sources and use the diagrams with proper references to its sources. For Operational Guidelines refer to Student Handbook Section IV: ASSESSMENTS. Deliverables Submission At the time of submission, you need to make sure that the assignment is your own and all the sources have been acknowledged. 1. Individual Report must be submitted online via Turnitin (through MOVE) on/before the deadline. Is there a word limit (Number of Words ± 10%)? Your report must consist of 750 Words ± 10%. What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations)       Background of the topic chosen Explain its various available features. Research about the topic and paraphrase along with reference to the original source of the information. Application of the given topic in day-to-day life Include examples from your daily experience Include relevant graphics and/or diagrams but cite the original source properly. How do I produce high quality work that merits a higher grade? 2 Excellent organized sections, good use of the language; logical flow is obvious; appropriate and relevant references are included. How does assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?  At the end, students will be equipped with a strong foundation in the use of ICT and its integration in daily life activities. 3 Report Marking Rubric How will my assignment be marked? Your assignment be marked according to the threshold expectations and the criteria on the following page. You can use them to evaluate your own work and estimate your grade before you submit. No 1 2 Criterion Introduction & Background Integration in daily life with relevant examples Weighing (%) 20% 30% Sub Standard / No Attempt (0 Marks) No introduction, background information about the topic No integration with day-to-day activities Poor (20 Marks) Satisfactory (40 Marks) Good (50 Marks) Very Good (60 Marks) Irrelevant introduction, organization background Brief introduction provided. Very limited background is provided Introduction is good. Some background is included Very good introduction and background and/or history study included Examples included are obvious with no proper explanation Few examples are included with no explanation. Set examples are with general description. Sufficient integration scenarios are discussed with limited but partially relevant examples Integration scenarios covered are few but in full detail. Examples provided are few but highly relevant Excellent (70 Marks) Motivation is very well stated with an excellent background of the topic chosen. Background statement is included in detail and very good description Integration scenarios are fully explained and few relevant examples Outstanding (100 Marks) Exceptional motivation with supporting facts; thorough background. An excellent description of the actual technology is provided Core functionalities are exceptionally explained; Exceptional description of integration scenarios in day-to-day life are explained with the help of examples 3 4 Comparison with various alternatives / Exploring various Features Structure of the report & Use of References 25% 25% The topic is not elaborated in detail and features are missed out completely Improper structure, No references. Listed features with no explanation. Benefits not relevant or general Few benefits are identified with no analysis. Few relevant features are covered with no/limited explanation. Many deficiencies in the organization of the report. Some organization and flow are included; References are included are not proper or not directly relevant. Some benefits/issues are included with rationale and explanation. Very good comparison with the existing tools and technologies available. Features are discussed in detail Correct, relevant and proper explanation of the features and components of the topic chosen. Possible alternatives solutions are listed with proper explanation Correct, relevant and proper explanation with exceptional description. All the underlying features of the chosen technology are fully explained with relevant diagrams and facts. Partially wellorganized report with some deficiency in flow; few references are relevant. Well organized report with some logical flow. Some references included are relevant. Excellent organized report; logical flow is obvious; appropriate and relevant references are included. Exceptionally organized report; logical flow is obvious; appropriate and relevant references are included. 5

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