You are expected to research and analyze the history of this book

using both primary and secondary sources, describe the history of the book, the time period, why did she write the book, what were her intentions.

Begin with a story style.

Your assignment should be prepared in the form of a “case study” (modelled on Harvard Business School case studies) suitable for a business school class, like the historical case studies we have read in this course.

Explain which class/course could analyze this case study

Your history should not simply be based on secondary sources but also on primary documents (these might include correspondence, internal reports, regulatory filings, contemporary surveys, etc.), including internal records, as much as possible.

The history itself should, using academic references, explain how the organization has evolved over time and the important inflection points in its development.

should constitute an academically-based, theoretically-informed, narrative history in the form of a business school case study.

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